iHelp+ 3G

A mobile medical alert and tracking system. Operated, distributed, and serviced locally via ICSS through a monthly subscription service. Powered by Digicel, the iHelp+ 3G provides 24 hour tracking and push to talk access to emergency services.


Lightweight (1.5oz)

72 Hour Battery Life


Single Button Operation

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Main Kit

The default kit. Comes with the iHelp+ 3G pendant, magnetic lanyard, charging dock & cable, car charger, silicone pendant case, and silicone pendant wrist strap.

Setup is extremely easy; plug the dock in and place the pendant into the dock and it will magnetically connect. Wear and go about your day and return the pendant to the dock when it signals it requires recharging.


Accessory Kit

Designed for people who spend the majority of their time at home. This is an add-on kit that comes with a larger home dock that connects to an even smaller pendant that provides the same functionality of the main pendant, but solely at home.


ICSS Monthly Subscription


The ICSS Monthly Subscription is required to operate the iHelp+ 3G. The subscription covers device support powered by Digicel. Additionally clients have access to 24/7 ICSS customer support and device monitoring.