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Investing in Care,
Safety & Security

What is ihelp?

The leading life-safety device

Ihelp is a mobile life-safety and tracking device which can summon immediate help at the press of a button. It is designed to keep you safe, whether you are at home or on the go.

Our cutting edge device is operated, distributed, and serviced locally through Investing in Care, Safety, and Security (ICSS). This device is powered by the Digicel network thus ensuring island-wide coverage.


1.5 ounces - Comfortable to carry or wear.


Wear it in the bath or shower where most accidents occur.

Direct GPS Location

Sends your position directly to the monitoring center and a loved one.

Fall Detection

Notifies the monitoring center/loved ones if you fall.


Notifies operator/friends/family if you are near and/or step out of your pre-programmed ‘safe zone.’

Voice Prompts

Lets you know the status of your call. Eg. Your emergency call is now being dialed, please stand by.

Compact, Lightweight & Powerful Design

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers with exemplary customer service, securing and protecting the lives of seniors, persons with disabilities, and those deemed to be vulnerable utilizing the latest in technology.
  • Affording our clients the ability to continue with their independence as they age in place while providing “Peace of Mind” for their loved ones that are concerned about their well-being in their absence.

    Our clients and their loved ones can be assured that should the need ever arise, there is someone they can speak and listen to during an emergency or unforeseen situation, at the press of a button.

The ihelp Process

In an emergency? Press the ihelp button and send instant notifications to emergency personnel via Digicel. Wait calmly for help on the way!

Success Stories From Clients

The ihelp is the most effective life safety device

My mom slipped in the shower one afternoon, she quickly pressed the ihelp button and within 7 minutes she received assistance. The device even sent a notification to my phone. Thank you ihelp!!


Stacy Curry

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