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Who We Are

Get to know more about the company and the team behind ihelp.

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers with exemplary customer service, securing and protecting the lives of seniors, persons with disabilities, and those deemed to be vulnerable utilizing the latest in technology. 

  • Affording our clients the ability to continue with their independence as they age in place while providing “Peace of Mind” for their loved ones that are concerned about their well-being in their absence.

    Our clients and their loved ones can be assured that should the need ever arise, there is someone they can speak and listen to during an emergency or unforeseen situation, at the press of a button.


The History

ICSS (Investing in Care, Safety, & Security) was founded in 2014 by Dwain Smith, as a startup security company whose mission is protecting clients using the latest technology. Our audience are primarily seniors, those with disabilities, and vulnerable persons. Mr. Smith has a background in telecommunications, in addition to  law enforcement having served  8 years as a member of the Bermuda Police Service.

ICSS offers clients life safety devices, in addition to 24/7 live monitoring of these devices using a trained staff of EMT certified operators. Our motto is granting our clients a “Life Without Limits” Extending Independence with Dignity whilst also affording their Loved Ones with “Peace of Mind”.

Where is ICSS located?

ICSS is currently servicing the islands of Bermuda and Barbados as of 2021 with plans to open in Cayman Islands and Antigua by 2022.

Dwain Smith, ICSS CEO

Quality Service

Our service is unmatched. We provide a quality experience from placement of orders to product set up and usage.

Island-wide Delivery

We provide islandwide delivery along with free setup and site visit.

Quality Product

Our device is free from malfunctions and is easy to use and set up.